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Παρασκευή, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Yπνοφρένεια 25 Νοε. (Playlist)


  1. Bob Seger - Turn the page (Ultimate hits Rock n Roll never Forgets) [νέο]
  2. Chris Cornell - Like a stone (Songbook live) [νέο]
  3. Danko Jones - Mouth To Mouth (Mouth to Mouth EP) [νέο]
  4. Die Toten Hosen - Bayern (All Die Ganzen Jahre Ihre Besten Lieder) [νέο]
  5. Evanescence - My heart is broken (rock mix @ My heart is broken CDs) [νέο]
  6. Δραμαμινη - Οι Χαρουμενες Ημερες [νέο]
  7. Izia - On the top of the world (So Much Trouble) [νέο]
  8. Kate Bush - Snowed In At Wheeler Street (50 Words for Snow) [νέο]
  9. Linkin Park - Esaul (A Place for My Head demo @ LP Underground 11) [νέο]
  10. Metallica - Fade To Black (Bangalore India 301011)
  11. Nickelback - This Means War (Here and Now) [νέο]
  12. Nightwish - The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (Imaginaerum) [κυκλοφορία 30 Νοε. - νέο]
  13. Nina Hagen - Bitten Der Kinder & An Meine Landsleute (Volksbeat) [νέο]
  14. Paramore - Hello Cold World (CDs) [νέο]
  15. Placebo - Meds (We Come In Pieces) [νέο]
  16. Reel Big Fish - New Version Of You (new version @ A Best of Us for the Rest of Us) [νέο]
  17. Samsara Blues Experiment - Hangin' on the Wire (Revelation and Mystery) [νέο]
  18. Scorpions - All Day And All Of The Night (Comeblack) [νέο]
  19. Slash & Myles Kennedy - Sweet child o mine (Made In Stoke) [νέο]
  20. Sonata Arctica -Tallulah (Live In Finland) [νέο]
  21. Stoner Train - Big Lebowski (Sluts for the Rebels) [νέο]
  22. The Black Box Revelation - Madhouse (My Perception) [νέο]
  23. Thirty Seconds to Mars - Closer To The Edge (Greatest Hits) [νέο]
  24. U2 - Paint It Black (Achtung Baby del edt. CD5) [νέο]
  25. Volbeat - 7 shots (Live From Beyond Above Heaven) [νέο]
  26. Volbeat - I only wanna be with you (Live from Beyond Above Heaven) [νέο]
  27. Volbeat - Sad mans tongue (Live From Beyond Above Heaven) [νέο]
  28. Volbeat - The mirror and the ripper (Live From Beyond Above Heaven) [νέο]

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