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Κυριακή, 11 Μαρτίου 2012

The Scary Nights Show (11 Μαρ.) [playlist]

Στο THE SCARY NIGHTS SHOW αυτής της εβδομάδας:

  1. Bruce Springsteen & Victorious Gospel Choir & Michelle Moore - Rocky Ground (Wrecking Ball) [νέο]
  2. Chris Cornell - Billie Jean (acoustic)
  3. City - Fuer Immer Jung (Fuer Immer Jung) [νέο]
  4. Flying Colors (Steve Morse, Mike Portnoy) - Better Than Walking Away (Flying Colors) [νέο]
  5. Maraveyas Ilegal - Τσαλαπατω (Λολα) [νέο]
  6. Αλκινοος Ιωαννιδης & Σωκρατης Μαλαμας - Γιατι δεν ερχεσαι ποτε (live)
  7. Φιλιππος Πλιατσικας - Να με θυμηθεις (Προσοχη στο κενο) [νέο]
  8. Highway 414 - Show Me The Door (Hellbound for the Highway)
  9. Kaiser Chiefs - When all is quiet (Start the revolution without me) [νέο]
  10. Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (The Wall Immersion Box Set cd4) [νέο]
  11. Tom Morello - Which Side Are You On (Union Town)
  12. Who Cares (Gillan, Iommi, Newsted, McBrain, Lord, Lindstrom) - Holy Water (Out of My Mind - Holy Water CDS)
  13. Adrenaline Mob (Russell Allen, Mike Portnoy) - Freight Train (Omerta) [νέο]
  14. BLack Rainbows - Burn Your Nation (Supermuthafuzzalicious) [νέο]
  15. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Candle Mambo (Bat Chain Puller) [νέο]
  16. Combichrist - Bottle of Pain (Underworld Awakening OST) [νέο]
  17. DeWolff (Holland) - Pick Your Bones Out Of The Wat (Orchands Lupine)
  18. Rebet Against - Αγανακτηση
  19. Μπαμπης Στοκας - Ενας αστειος ιδαλγος (Η αυλη των τρελων) [νέο]
  20. Νικος Πορτοκαλογλου & Μ. Κουμαρης & Σ. Δρογωσης & Π. Μουζουρακης - Ισως (Ισως) [νέο]
  21. Σταυρος Λαντσιας - Το ποταμι του χρονου (Ημερολογιο ονειρων) [νέο]
  22. Hill Country Revue - Wild Horses (The Rolling Stones cover @ Zebra Ranch)
  23. Lemmy Kilminster & Dave Lombardo - Stand By Me
  24. Lionel Richie & Kenny Rodgers - Lady (Tuskegee) [κυκλοφορία 27 Μαρ. - νέο]
  25. Maiden United - Die With Your Boots On (Mind The Acoustic Pieces)
  26. Nightwish - The Heart Asks Pleasure First (The Crow, The Owl and the Dove CDs) [νέο]
  27. Taddy Porter - Whatever Haunts You (Taddy Porter)

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