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Κυριακή, 29 Ιανουαρίου 2012

The Scary Nights Show (29 Ιαν.) [playlist]

Στο THE SCARY NIGHTS SHOW αυτής της εβδομάδας:

  1. Ani DiFranco - Which Side Are You On (Which side are you on) [νέο]
  2. Anneke Van Giersbergen - Stay (Everything is changing) [νέο]
  3. Arch Enemy - We Will Rise (Tyrants of the Rising Sun - Live In Japan)
  4. Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song (The Hobbit Re-Recorded version @ Memories of a time to come) [νέο]
  5. Bruce Springsteen - We Take Care of Our Own (Wrecking Ball) [κυκλοφορία 6 Μαρ. - νέο]
  6. Calcutta Anazamama - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Lithium Another Nirvana Tribute) [νέο]
  7. Chickenfoot - Learning To Fall (Live from Phoenix @ Different Devil mini album) [νέο]
  8. Eluveitie (Swiss) - Helvetios (Helvetios) [νέο]
  9. Florence and the Machine - No Light, No Light (Breakage's One Moment Less For Mortimer Mix @ No Light, No Light CDs) [νέο]
  10. Foxy Shazam - I Wanna Be Yours (Church of Rock n Roll) [νέο]
  11. Gary Moore Oh Pretty Woman (Gary Moore - Essential Montreux 1990 - 2001)
  12. Gavin Friday - Perfume (Catholic) [νέο]
  13. Trendy hooliGuns - Trendy hooliguns vs Sorrorful Angels (Release the Kraken) [νέο]
  14. John Lindberg Trio - Don't Fade Away (Made for rock and roll) [νέο]
  15. Julien-K (Orgy) - Breakfast in Berlin (We're here with you) [νέο]
  16. Lacuna Coil - Fire (Dark Adrenaline) [νέο]
  17. Lacuna Coil - Losing My Religion (Dark Adrenaline) [νέο]
  18. Little Freddie King - Pocket Full Of Money (Chasing Tha Blues) [νέο]
  19. Metallica - Hell and Back (Beyond Magnetic) [νέο]
  20. Mogwai - You Don't Know Jesus (Special Moves)
  21. Mr Big - Around The World (Live from the living room) [νέο]
  22. Mudvayne - Fall into sleep (The Very Best of Mudvayne) [νέο]
  23. Nouvelle Vague - Just Can't Get Enough (Acoustic)
  24. Nouvelle Vague - Sweet Dreams (Acoustic)
  25. Rodrigo y Gabriela with CUBA - Diablo Rojo (Area 52) [νέο]
  26. Santana - Oye Como Va
  27. The Gothard Sisters - The Three Coins (Story Girl) [νέο]

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