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Τετάρτη, 4 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Υπνοφρένεια 4 Ιαν. (playlist)


  1. Adele - Lovesong (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) [νέο]
  2. Al Di Meola - That Way Before (Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody)
  3. Amy Winehouse - Between the cheats (Lioness Hidden Treasures) [νέο]
  4. Anneke Van Giersbergen - Feel Alive (Feel Alive CDS) [νέο]
  5. Blackfield - Waving (Welcome to my DNA)
  6. Bon Jovi - I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas (CDs) [νέο]
  7. Chris Cornell - Call me a dog (Songbook) [νέο]
  8. Evanescence - My heart is broken (rock mix @ My heart is broken CDs) [νέο]
  9. Μανος Ξυδους - House of the rising sun (Γιαννης Κουτρας 30 χρονια φιλοι)
  10. Μανος Ξυδους - Πως Λοιπόν Να Σου Μιλήσω
  11. Μανος Ξυδους - Χριστουγεννα (Θα εισαι εδω)
  12. Στελιος Σαλβαδορ (Μωρα στη Φωτια) - Βρωμικα Λεφτα (Smoking Rabbit)
  13. Head Cat - Say Mama (Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk) [νέο]
  14. Jack White - Love Is Blindness (Ahk-toong Bay-bi) [νέο]
  15. Jonathan Davis (koRn) - Final Days
  16. Jordy - Dur Dur D'etre Bebe
  17. Madeleine Peyroux - Wild Card In The Hole (Note of Hope - A Celebration of Woody Guthrie) [νέο]
  18. Metallica - Hate Train (Beyond Magnetic) [νέο]
  19. Metallica & Apocalyptica - One (30th An. Show Fillmore SF, 111205)
  20. Placebo - Battle for the Sun (We Come In Pieces) [νέο]
  21. Roger Miret (Agnostic Front) & The Disasters - Gotta Get Up Now (Gotta Get Up Now)
  22. Scorpions - Tainted Love (Comeblack) [νέο]
  23. Slash & Myles Kennedy - By The Sword (Made In Stoke) [νέο]
  24. The Black Keys - Run Right Back (El Camino) [νέο]
  25. Tom Morello - Which Side Are You On (Union Town)
  26. White Buffalo - The House of the Rising Son (SOA OST 4)
  27. Zaz - Je Veux (San tsu tsou) [νέο]

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