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Τετάρτη, 30 Νοεμβρίου 2011

Yπνοφρένεια 30 Νοε. (Playlist)


  1. Acrassicauda - Message From Baghdad (Only The Dead Will See The End Of War EP)
  2. Battleme - Hey Hey, My My (Sons of Anarchy OST)
  3. Bob Seger - Wait for me (Ultimate hits Rock n Roll never forgets) [νέο]
  4. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band with Tom Morello - Ghost Of Tom Joad (RnR HoF)
  5. Chris Cornell - Call me a dog (Songbook) [νέο]
  6. Chris Cornell - Imagine (Songbook) [νέο]
  7. Danko Jones - Guest List Blues (Mouth to Mouth EP) [νέο]
  8. Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers (Live At Montreux) [νέο]
  9. Disturbed - A Welcome Burden (The Lost Children) [νέο]
  10. Levellers - Liberty Song (Levelling the land Collector's edt.)
  11. Levellers - The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Levelling the land Collector's edt.)
  12. Levellers - The Game (Levelling the land Collector's edt.)
  13. Levellers - The Riverflow (Levelling the land Collector's edt.)
  14. Nickelback - Everything I Wanna Do (Here and now) [νέο]
  15. Placebo - Battle for the Sun (We Come In Pieces) [νέο]
  16. Planet of the Abts - Off the Hook (Planet of the Abts) [νέο]
  17. Reel Big Fish - Another F.U. Song (A best of us for the rest of us) [νέο]
  18. Reel Big Fish - Where Have You Been (A best of us for the rest of us) [νέο]
  19. Scorpions - Ruby Tuesday (Comeblack) [νέο]
  20. Scorpions - Tainted Love (Comeblack) [νέο]
  21. Slash & Myles Kennedy - By The Sword (Made In Stoke) [νέο]
  22. Sonata Arctica - Paid In Full (Live In Finland) [νέο]
  23. Staind - Comfortably Numb (acoustic @ Greatest Hits)
  24. Stoner Train - The Desert And The Snake (Sluts for the Rebels) [νέο]
  25. The Haunted - Attention (Unseen) [νέο]
  26. Tonight Alive - Amelia (acoustic @ What Are You So Scared Of del. edt.) [νέο]
  27. Volbeat - Fallen (Live From Beyond Above Heaven) [νέο]
  28. Volbeat - Heaven nor hell (Live from Beyond Above Heaven) [νέο]

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