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Τετάρτη, 6 Μαΐου 2009

Ο ευαισθητούλης EMO μάγειρας

The more I look into this soup
The more my heart it yearns for you
The more I chop this Artichoke
The more I wish to give up hope
The more I grill this juicy steak
The more I think of my mistakes
The more I toast this seedless bun
The more I wonder what have I done?

A table spoon of sadness
A dash of discontent
Sprinkle on some memories
That you'll never forget
Two cups of anger
And an ounce of regret
Mix it all together
It's The Sensitive Chef!

The more I feed the human race
The more I need your warm embrace
The more I use this rolling pin
The more I wish to touch your skin
The more I bake this chocolate cake
The more I want to kiss your face
The more I grate this Cheddar cheese
The more I fall on to my knees

I'm a sensitive chef, I cry when I bake
I'm a sensitive chef, with tears on my steak
I'm a sensitive chef, with my pots and pans
I'm a sensitive chef, and no-one understands.

edit: Ο δαιμόνιος Daveyboyz και η παρέα του ξαναχτυπούν

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αααα ειναι ο κυριος που κανει τα emo μακαρονια εεε?


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